Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tail Docking

The issues of Tail Docking is a heated argument today that is still quite debateable in many circles but, morally, the deliberate infliction of pain on a defenceless animal is out rightly wrong no matter how you spin this tail.
The SAVC states that ail docking is unethical as there is no justifiable reason to cut a puppies tails off. While in the past it was excused and permitted as reasonable, with today’s knowledge of animal welfare, pain perception and animal psychology it is inexcusable for a vet to perform this service. How do we as pet owners request this, for adopting a pet come with inevitable compromises that we have to undertake, whether it is a few precious ornaments broken from a wayward tail, or some bruises that remind you of your pet's happiness and excitement to see you, the simple and emphatic answer is… deal with it.