Thursday, November 5, 2009

Balanced Diet for your Tortoise

During the summer your tortoise must have a varied diet, but you will have to work out its own preferences. Most of the following will be appealing: cabbage, runner beans, cucumber, broccoli, grass, clover, dandelion, carrot and watercress. Bean-sprouts are useful when good grass in unavailable and bananas also make a good supplement. Some animal protein will be required maybe once a week in the form of a hard-boiled egg or a spoonful of cat or dog food. Ask your vet or pet shop for a suitable vitamin supplement.

Your tortoise must always have access to fresh drinking and soaking water. It is no coincidence that all tortoises that have these dietary requirements occur in very humid ecosystems. Dehydration is always a very serious danger to tortoises, and if untreated tap water is all that is available it is certainly better than none at all. However, distilled water is preferred. If this is not possible, water should be left to stand for 48 hours before use for excess chlorine to dissipate.