Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Siamese if you please?

Siamese cats are famous for their unique personality, and many owners often think their Siamese kitties act more like dogs than cats, especially when the household includes dogs. The Siamese cat reached highest popularity in the 1970s, and since then many Siamese breeders in the UK have created clubs to maintain their "old-style" Siamese cats, believing that US breeders have produced an "over-type" which may suffer from health problems as a result, in other words there may be two ‘variations’ on the breed, particularly to those in the know. However, there are few records of breed-specific illness in the Siamese cat. They are very susceptible to upper respiratory diseases prior to adulthood, so make sure your cat always has a warm, dry resting place as an option to snuggle up on. There has also been some evidence of cardiomyopathy (the deterioration of the actual heart muscle) and sensitivity to anaesthetics.