Friday, November 27, 2009

Why is your kitten sneezing?

Always consider the conditions from which you got your little kitten; if he / she was living in cold or draughty conditions or in contact with many other cats this may be a case of flu. Kittens are normally vaccinated against this with a course of injections at about 10 and then 12 weeks old. This is followed by a yearly booster vaccination. If your kitten has the flu (Feline Influenza virus), this is a very serious condition! Whilst this could be a harmless allergic reaction or just a normal cold, it is certainly only responsible that your kitten should see your local vet as soon as possible to guard against further complications, and even fatally as cat flu certainly is not to be messed around with! Indeed, whether or not it is a case of the flu, it is vital to seek prompt veterinary treatment to ensure good kitten health.