Monday, November 30, 2009

How to prevent older dogs from biting

In many cases, an older dog will have problems with biting. A dog who is older when purchased or adopted, or allowed to bite as a puppy, may have not have had the training as a puppy or may bite out of fear or aggression. It is vital that your dog understands that you are alpha and you are the one in charge. To do so requires changes in every day activities. Never allow your dog on your bed or couch. Doing so allows him to think of himself as your equal. Feed your dog only after you and your family has eaten. In a pack, the alpha dogs always eat first. When walking, your dog should always heal. Never allow your dog to pull or lead the way. If you have made it clear to your dog that you are in charge and you still have difficulties with biting and insubordination, contact a qualified dog trainer. If your dog is older, it will be more difficult to train this behavior out of him so patience is key. Work with him every day and seek professional guidance.