Monday, November 2, 2009

Nitty Gritty

The other day I was asked whether it really is necessary to include grit products into your budgie’s cage. I have heard that in the wild they snack on stones, but wasn’t too sure of the answer. Well, actually…it’s not. In the wild, budgies need some kind of grit to help them digest all the foods they eat, but domestic budgies are generally fed foods that are easily digestible like seeds, pellets, fresh fruits and vegetables. This diet makes the need for grit obsolete. However, it usually isn't harmful for a pet budgie to be offered grit every once in a while, although you must be sure not to leave it in the cage. Budgies have been known on occasion to over-indulge on grit, which may lead to digestive problems and in extreme cases these digestive problems may most certainly lead to your budgie’s death. So make sure to take care!