Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Animal Health

When it comes to animal health we generally tend to focus on the foods we feed our pets, on the exercise that they get and on their medical needs.
But one important – and probably the most important – aspect to ensuring good animal health is the love and attention that we give to our pets.
Domestic animals are social by nature and need love, care and attention to be able to thrive. Not only are our pets in need of the occasional walk and throwing of a tennis ball but they also need to feel loved and wanted.

When an animal is happy and content and well looked after their health is positively influenced by their happier state of being. So by taking a few minutes out of every day to talk to our dogs and cats, or to sit and pat them or play around with them we can improve not only their mood, our pet-and-owner bonds but we can also quite effectively contribute to improving their good animal health.

When you get home today and your dog is wagging his or her tail in excitement to see you take a minute to show the same love and stop to give them a hug or throw a tennis ball a few times. And when your cat is sitting next to you on the couch lean over and give their backs or necks a good scratch – being caring and showing it is the best way to assure good animal health for your pets!