Friday, June 27, 2008

MediPet Insurance

Applying for insurance is notoriously challenging but not anymore! With Medipet your application is simple and fast and can even be online in the comfort of your own home. You can instantly apply online and your pet – if older than 8 weeks of age – will be covered with a great insurance package that insures your cat and /or dog’s health.

Medipet understands that you need pet insurance that will make your life easier and will take the unnecessary worry out of your pet’s medical needs. Medipet’s insurance packages for both cats and dogs are specifically designed to cover the essential and more specific needs of each of your pets. Because we cannot always plan for emergencies and unexpected veterinary costs Medipet is offering you the comfort and convenience of medical insurance that can plan for unforeseen illness or injury.

While covering your pet’s health needs Medipet will also go eth extra mile and cover the costs of kennels or catteries if you were unable to take care of your pets for a period of time and Medipet will even help you with a reward and advertisements if your pet were ever to go missing. For only
R115 per month for cats and R125 per month for dogs you can have the best animal insurance for your pet.