Thursday, June 12, 2008

Send us your pet pics!

Do you sit at home and just stare at your pet in absolute amazement as to how cute, clever, charming or courageous your pet is? I’ll bet that there are occasions when you do, and you may even think to yourself: this is the best pet sa has to offer!

Do you and your pets attract a lot of attention when you go for casual walks around the neighborhood? Do neighbors and strangers comment on what a good looking, well mannered or intelligent pet you have? Have you ever considered entering your gorgeous cat or dog into a pet sa animal competition? If your pet’s a little pavement special that just captures the hearts of all those who meet him or if your pet is a pure bred, beautifully groomed and perfectly poised animal then you are sure to be able to find a pet sa animal show or competition that is well suited to your animal’s type somewhere in or near to your area. Whether you go out looking for a prestigious pet sa competition or just something local and fulfilling you and your pet are sure to dazzle and shine as you show that your dog or cat is the best pet sa has to offer! Be sure to let us know what a great pet you have, and send us your pictures too!