Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Medipet Pet Insurance

Have you recently had to take your beloved Felix or Fido to see the vet?
Was it an unplanned visit that you had not financially prepared for? Did the veterinary bill hit you much harder than you had expected? You do not have to be unprepared for the unexpected emergencies and visits to the vet. With a Medipet pet insurance package you can have the best and the most reliable animal health insurance package that will be there to back you where and when you most need it.

The great thing about Medipet’s insurance packages is that they do not cost the earth - only R115 per month for your little Felix cat and only
R125 per month for your best friend Fido.

When you realize that you need more than just your monthly savings to take care of unexpected veterinary bills and other medical costs for your dog or cat you do not need to panic and spend sleepless nights worrying about how you and your pet are going to make it through, with an insurance package that is suited to you and your pet’s needs it is incredibly reassuring to know that both medically and financially you are not alone.