Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Animal safety tips: First Aid Kit

First aid is something that we all regard as being very important as we know that being able to act quickly in emergency situations can often save lives. The same is true when it comes to animal safety, knowing what to do and being prepared to do it when an accident strikes can often save an animal’s life too. Some essential know how and a few good tips can equip with you with enough knowledge of how to act and what to do in urgent situations when the animal safety of your pet is brought under threat.

When setting up and putting together an animal safety first aid kit there are some essential basics that you should get a hold of. Starting with gauze pads, gauze roll and / or bandages, a roll of cloth, tweezers, antibiotic ointment, hydrogen peroxide and an easy to use, short manual on animal safety and first aid.

Remember that when an animal has been hurt or injured they may be in shock and may react to try and further protect themselves so be cautious about being bitten or scratched when you are handling the animal. With some knowledge and the right tools you should be able to treat emergency and common animal safety problems.