Monday, June 23, 2008

Cat health: cat behaviour

When my cat has the chance to be outside and roll around in sand and rummage through bushes there really seems to be little in the world that could make him happier. There is definitely something about being immersed in nature that does wonders for a cat’ happiness and can only be beneficial for their overall cat health. However, there are one or two little gripes that we should be on the lookout for when our cats have been outdoors.

Rolling in sand, crawling through grass, and creeping through bushes can revitalise your cat and gives them a great way to work out their energy but in the sand, and in the plants that they are playing in they could pick up some nasty little critters that can negatively impact on your cat’s health. These bugs that can get into your cat’s fur and onto their skin include lice, fleas and ticks. But although they can be annoying and bad for your cat’s health they are easily manageable and need not become a problem or a reason to stop your cat’s fun frolicking.

By keeping watch of your cat fur and behaviour you will soon pick up on the presence of any parasites and with anti-flea and tick collars to aid you in taking care of your cat’s health you can even prevent any concerns before they occur.