Monday, March 10, 2008

Animal allergies

Have you recently developed allergies towards your pets? Are have you suffered from allergies to animals most of your life and are desperately wanting to somehow bypass them so that you too can be a loving animal owner? Well there are solutions to both of these problems. Allergies toward animals are often caused by an unusually high sensitivity to what is presumed to be caused by sensitivity towards animal fur. Animal fur however is quite harmless in itself. What makes the animal fur so potentially effective on your health are the tiny allergy triggering proteins called allergens.

Allergens are secreted by glands in the animal’s skin and are present in the animal’s dry skin, saliva and urine, because animals lick themselves clean the allergens from the saliva dry out the animal’s fur and can become airborne. The myth goes that long haired animal’s are more likely to cause allergies, but it is not necessarily true as it is not the fur but the allergens on the fur that cause the allergic reactions. By keeping your animals well groomed, clean and by regularly vacuuming up after them you can drastically reduce the chance of having an allergic reaction to your animal.