Friday, March 28, 2008

Dog training myths

Dog training is a bridge that all of us dog owners need to cross at some point in time. Although we may not go all out in training our dogs we still need certain elements to be covered. There are however tried and tested ways and means of teaching our dogs the things that we need and want them to know. Some techniques however do more damage than they do any good. Here are two dog training myths that you need to try and avoid when you do train your dog:

Dog training myth number 1: you need to yell at your dog to get them to listen to you.
Yelling rarely helps and if it does work it will be a short lived form of help that is not guaranteed to always get the best results. Yelling can lead to over excitement and can get the dog thinking that something is wrong without effectively letting them know what exactly is wrong.

Dog training myth number 2: you need to dominate your dog by using physical force.
As with yelling you may think that this is effective but in long term view it is extremely ineffective in keeping your dog in order. When training your dog you need to be calm, consistent and fair – it’s the only way to get them to learn how and what to do.