Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Some cat litter trivia: the man behind the idea

In 1947 cat litter was invented by a man named Edward Lowe. He had found a hardy and absorbent gravel-like substance that was being used to clean up factory floors. He thought to try it out as a means for cat trays and it worked! So for the last 61 years our indoor lives with our pets have been a lot easier to handle thanks to one man and his practical thinking when it came to cats.

The cat litter that we use today is still just like that of the type that Edward Lowe first tried out but we have also made some changes and even some advancements in the cat litter industry over the six decade period. Now you do not have to go around to factories or find factory suppliers for your cat litter, you can just pop down to a local shop and buy bags in suitable amounts from 2.5 to 10 kilogram bags.

The newest improvement in the cat litter front is silicone litter which is more absorbent and gives off fewer odours than the usual gravel cat litter. With practical trays and litter box liners we can be glad that Edward Lowe once tried out something new.