Monday, March 31, 2008

Kitty grooming

Grooming your cat is probably not something that you give too much thought to – unless you are already taking great care of your animal. But cats do need grooming attention even though they are renowned self cleaners. Your cat might have a few sensitive areas or might just need a little assistance in keeping their fur in the best possible condition.

Short haired cats will need a little less attention in the grooming department than the long haired cats but will still need to bathed or brushed and may just need a good overall physical check once in a while. By spending some time brushing your cat you will be able to see if there are any changes or areas of your cat’s body that may need some treatment or attention.

With long haired cats you will need to brush and comb their beautiful long fur on a regular basis, in some cases even daily brushing is needed, to help prevent the fur from matting up and although cats do keep themselves – and each other – well washed, you may find it quite helpful in the prevention of fleas and ticks to give your cat a good bath every once in a while.