Thursday, March 13, 2008

Puppy Adoption

Have you recently adopted a puppy? I bet he or she is the cutest ting you have ever seen! But integrating your puppy into everyday household life can lead to a few snags here and there. There are ways to make the process of making your home puppy friendly without having to change too much about your home. Puppy adoption is a real blessing and nobody wants this blessing to come with any frustration or lots of cleaning up behind your family’s newest member.

A puppy needs guidelines from day one of their puppy adoption and without having to be a strict tyrant you can make their new home comfortable and fun for both them and for you with a few and simple puppy basics. Number one is to get your puppy potty trained. Do this by feeding them at regular times and then by taking them outside at regular times too. They will soon get used to the routine and will stop any unnecessary messing on your floors.

And remember that it is never too early to learn, so quite soon after your puppy adoption you can start training your pup with dog training techniques that use repetition and reward systems to stop your pup from nipping and to teach them to obey your commands.