Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Good hydration is essential in this hot weather!

In the summer heat it is very important to ensure that your pets are getting in enough water to sustain them throughout the day. When temperatures are up so are our needs to drink and it is essential to every aspect of your dog or cat health to get in the right amount of water to prevent dehydration in the hot summer months.

When you leave for work in the morning be sure to check your cat or dog’s water bowls and fill them up with enough water to last them through the day. Also be sure to leave a bowl outside for your dog if you close them outside while you are away from the home. Dog and cat health is reliant on getting the right nutrition and the right nutrition in the necessary amounts. Dogs often will resort to drinking out of swimming pools and willf ind drain water and other undesirable water sources if the cannot find a clean good bowl of water.

Drinking water from places such the swimming pool and drains can lead to illness and stomach troubles.Keeping a watchful eye on your pet’s water bowls and ensuring that they always have access to clean fresh water will go a long way in ensuring good dog and cat health.