Monday, March 3, 2008

Poll results: cutting your pet's nails.

Have you ever considered cutting your pet’s nails? If you have not then now may be the best time to give it some thought and then to practice some animal help and do it! The last poll question on this site asks how many times you cut your pet’s nails, if you answer never then you may be surprised to find out that there are a number of people who groom and cut their animal’s nails on a regular basis.

The results were as follows:
once a year - 21%
once every two months - 14%
once a month - 28%
never - 35%

Having indoor pets means that you cat or dog does not get the chance to run around outside, which is how animals usually and naturally keep their nails ‘filed’. Cats are known for scratching trees and by digging up sand dogs keep their nails sharp, short and naturally groomed. Sometimes a pet might just have long nails that do not wear down as quickly as they grow and they may need a bit of animal help to keep their nails in check. To have your pet’s nails cut you could take your dog or cat to a grooming parlour or you could learn to cut their nails yourself. If you are doing it yourself you should invest in a pair of dog or cat nail trimmers that will make cutting their nails much easier and safer.