Friday, February 29, 2008

Remember your vet in times of need

Taking care of an older dog is something that needs some extra special attention. When you notice that your beloved dog is starting to age you can make their ageing process as comfortable as possible by speaking to your vet and by making just a few changes to their everyday lifestyle. As your dog approaches their senior years they will start to change in their usual habits and so you will need to keep a watchful on eye on them and make sure that their changes are made as easy as possible. Older dogs may still be as playful and loving at heart as they were when they were younger but physically they will start to be less active than they were in their youth. A lot of dogs can also develop some niggles as they enter their golden years consulting your dogs vet can pin point what these may be. Niggles can range from touches of arthritis to hearing and sight difficulties but with the right nutrition and health regiments these ailments can be controlled and kept to a minimum. So if you notice that your dog is starting to react more slowly to things or does not seem to be responding to your calls as quickly as they used to it is not a cause for alarm it just means that you need to pay some extra attention to their aging and to their health needs.