Friday, February 15, 2008

Animal Safety

Animal safety is a reality that is better to be careful with rather than to be left feeling sorry that you didn’t take all the possible and even necessary precautions beforehand. Here are some basic tips and guidelines to ensuring your animal safety:

- Find a good and reliable vet that you feel comfortable with and are prepared to entrust with your animal’s safety

- Take you cat or dog for regular annual check ups with your vet. This check up is likely to be best to coincide with trips to the vet for your pet’s necessary shots, which are generally given every two years to protect them from viruses and other bugs that could get into their systems

- Make sure that your pet does not have free running access to roads and try to keep them within the gates or walls of your property where possible

- Feeing your animal the right foods that is specifically suited an animal diet and nutritional needs can do wonders for the safety of your animal’s health

- Making sure that your dog is well trained to listen to you is also a great way of ensuring better safety for your animal