Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Johannesburg Vet

Are you moving from one city to another? Or have you just recently moved to a new city and are scouting around for good vet? A good idea in finding a new vet for your animal’s is to speak to your previous vet and find out if they know of any vets that they could recommend to you. If you are moving from Johannesburg speak to your Johannesburg vet about how to go about choosing a vet in your new city. Your vet is sure to know of a vet or of a good way to track down a vet in the new city. When talking to your animal’s vet also find out if there is anything related to your pet’s health and medical history that you should tell your animal’s new vet about.

When you move from one city to another do remember that your Medipet pet health insurance covers your cat and/or dog no matter what city in the country you are moving to. So whether you are moving to or leaving Johannesburg you are sure to get plenty of helpful advice from your Johannesburg vet and you can rest assured that your pet will still be reliably covered with Medipet insurance.