Monday, February 18, 2008

Animal Antics

Dog training is something that could drastically improve your relationship your animal while it also makes both your animal and your life much safer and easier to handle. By teaching your dog cute little tricks you will not only be teaching them something that will get ooh-s and aah-s from people that you can show off to but you will be forming a lasting bond that builds trust and a firmly cemented relationship between the two of you. Whether you are teaching your dog to fetch a ball or to safely cross a road on a leash you can both enjoy and gain from the experiences and time spent together. Always remember to make animal training fun as dogs pick up on and respond to enthusiasm. Use verbal commands such as come, sit, and walk and fetch to get your dog to understand you and be sure to only need to give a command once – in the beginning you may need to repeat commands for your dog to learn what each command means but very soon they will only need to hear a command once. Be constant in your verbal commands and praise your dog after they have obeyed a given command, while still in training you could even give a treat to your animal after they obey a command.