Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Just some informative findings

Hello everyone! I trust that you and your pets are loving this beautiful weather that is sweeping our country!

Here is something that you might find interesting: the Cape Province Dog Club has a range of informative articles on their website that their skilled operator has put together for dog owners. Some of the topics include what to do when your dog is digging, how to choose a dog breed and breeder, food guarding and harnesses. Although we cover many of those topics here ourselves, it is always interesting to see what other professionals have to say! You can check out their website at www.capeprovincedogclub.co.za. You can simply follow the navigation links on the bottom of the screen when you get to their fun website.

You can also find out more about their Doggy Day Camp and a range of other exciting activities that they coordinate each year. It is always a lot of fun to join a social club like the Cape Province Dog Club, and it has very positive effects on the training and upcoming of your own puppy or dog.

Be sure to check their site out, it has some interesting articles that may be what you have been searching for. Don't forget, you can email our qualified nurse vet right here at MediPet for all of the pet help that you might need! email us at medipet@gmail.com!

Have a great week ahead pet lovers!