Thursday, February 21, 2008

Kittens and their nutrition

Kittens are absolutely gorgeous creatures that are both cuddly and extremely playful. Taking a kitten home with you is something that is hard to resist once you have been caught up in those adorable and sparkling little eyes. Once you are settling in at home with your new little cat you will probably find that you will need to go out and buy foods that are specifically suited to the kittens food needs. A newly born kitten lives off of and gets its nutritional nourishment from its mother’s milk but as the kitten ages and grows its nutritional and food needs change too. Once a kitten is weaned off of its mother and her milk you can start with feeding the young cat specially formulated foods that are made with consideration to the kittens needs. Your kittens food will also be softer than other cat foods and will often be mixed in with gravies or jelly – you can slowly add whole foods to their diet as their teeth grow. These foods are high in the right vitamins and minerals needed for a constant and good development of healthy bones and teeth while also adding together to create a shiny and lasting coat.