Friday, February 8, 2008

Health Insurance

Health insurance for your pet may sound a little far fetched to some people but if you have ever had to take your pet to a vet for medical attention that was completely unexpected you will understand the sheer value of the security that a good health insurance package can offer for you and for your pet. Medipet’s insurance packages are designed for both dogs and for cats with each having their own specifically designed packages according their respective cat and dog needs. For just R125 a month you can cover your dog with pet insurance that will be there for him or her whenever they need to medical assistance from a vet. And for only R115 per month your cat can be covered for all of his or her health needs as well. Even if your trips to the vet have not been unexpected you could still greatly benefit from having health insurance as a future safety net for your animal.

By having animal health insurance for your pet means that you do not have to be concerned about the immediate costs of vet bills. The bills are covered by your monthly payments and your choice of insurance package.