Friday, February 22, 2008

Pet adoption

The year is in full swing and we are already headed towards March. If your year is starting to feel the like usual hum drum of being back at work and getting into your usual ways of doing things then maybe it is time for something new. Start a new relationship with someone who will always be around and bring you great comfort and joy by adopting a pet. Pet adoption is a great way to give a cute puppy or an adorable kitten a new home and loving home. When you do decide to start looking around for your new puppy or for a kitten give consideration to the places around you that offer pet adoption services.

A good place to start out is your local pet rescue centre they will often have a range of animals from young dogs or cats to new born kittens and pups. If you are looking for an older animal you are sure to find older animals there too. Talk to your nearest SPCA, DARG or TEARS about the animals that they have and find out from animal associations from vets about animal breeders if you are interested in finding a specific breed of cat or dog for adoption.