Thursday, February 28, 2008

Medipet Insurance

Medipet insurance is a company that cares about both your pet’s health needs as well as your financial security. While preparing you and your finances for any vet visits and medical costs Medipet insurance makes sure that you can afford to cover your pet with the best offer of reliable and comprehensive medical insurance. Good and affordable pet insurance means that you need an offer that is both considerate of your monthly payments as well as your pet’s possible health needs.

With Medipet insurance your cat’s health and your dog’s health is well taken care of and will be covered without any financial strain being placed onto you. When you take out pet insurance for your animal you only have to think about the monthly payments, which with Medipet are kept as affordable as possible without having to compromise on your pet’s cover. With Medipet insurance your cat will be covered with great health insurance at only R115 per month and your dog will be covered at only R125 per month and if you take out cover for more than one animal you will get a 10% discount on your total monthly payment which makes taking care of your pet’s health a whole lot easier!