Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Adoption Tips

If you are planning and animal adoption you are bound to already know that you will be entering into a long term and loving relationship with an extraordinarily adorable little creature. But finding the right animal and going about the adoption process can prove to be a little tricky so here are 5 helpful adoption tips to help you go about finding the cutest and most loving animal!

1. Consider your space at home and whether or not you have a garden of the appropriate size for the animal you are considering for adoption. Cats and even small dogs can be kept indoors – but keep in mind that this means you will need to house train your animal.
2. If you already have your mind and heart set on a particular cat or dog for adoption make sure that you have the appropriate home for them and that you have plenty of time to spend with the animal. Dogs need regular walks and cats do need plenty of human company too.
3. If you already have an animal at home you need to be sure that your pets at home will be accepting of a new family member – the last thing you want is for you animals to be fighting or for your new cat or dog to be ostracised.
4. When you feel that you are ready to step into an adoption take a look around at a few animal shelters and speak to a local vet or breeding society about finding the right pet for you.
5. And lastly have fun! Enjoy the process of finding your new best friend!