Thursday, October 9, 2008

NEW: MediPET of the Week!

Medipet is all about the pets! As a pet insurance company Medipet is so much more than just any old insurance company – they care about you as a pet a owner and they care deeply about the well being and general happiness of your cats and dogs! With your animal’s health and medical needs well looked after by your medical insurance through Medipet you can sit back and enjoy the good times that you spend with your pet and Medipet is glad to be able to be part of the caring bond between you and your gorgeous animal! So much so that Medipet even wants to share in your joy and let others ‘ooh-and-aah’ over the extreme cuteness of your pet too, so why not show off your cat or dog in their Sunday best by sending a picture of your pet to Medipet and let your pet be the Medipet of the week.

This is a great way to show off your cat or dog’s good looks or to show them in a cute or funny situation. Visit the Medipet website at to see all the Medipet of the week pictures and remember to mail pictures of your pet to either or to register on the website to submit your pet pics!