Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Medipet Insurance packages

Applying for your insurance package with Medipet is so incredibly simple and can be done online in five easy steps! Insurance packages are renowned for being troublesome but with Medipet’s insurance cover all the trouble and hassle of having taking out insurance is taken out of the equation! Your pet’s health and well being is Medipet’s priority and Medipet is committed to making sure that your pet’s health is properly taken care of with the best service and convenience to you. This means that by filling out on online application you can have fast and professional service that will cover your finances and your pet’s health for any unexpected accidents or illnesses.

The Medipet insurance package is designed to be affordable and comprehensive; this allows you as a pet owner to be able to give your pet a secure medical future without having to strain your budget. Insurance packages with Medipet cost just R115 per month for cover for cats and R125 per month for cover for dogs and give you health cover for up to R25 000 per year per pet.

To get a reliable and financially secure health insurance package for your pet visit the Medipet website at and fill out the five-step online application form today!