Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Frozen Yoghurt for Dogs

Does your dog need a change in their eating habits? Want to be able to offer your pooch a wider variety of dog foods that will keep them happier and healthier in an all round sense? If you answered yes to these questions then you will be glad to know that Jody Rogers has started a new dog food feeding frenzy that is fast becoming a big hit with dogs and their owners! Called ‘Yoghund’ Jody found a healthy and simple way to add taste and variety to your dog’s diet. Yoghund is a frozen yoghurt meal that is made from natural products that offer the same benefits to dogs as good healthy yoghurt affords humans. New dog foods such as this frozen yogurt mean that now your dog can eat something tasty – and slightly more interesting than a regular bag of dog food – all while maintaining great health with a distinguished doggy pallet.

With flavours like banana peanut butter and blueberry vanilla your dog is sure to enjoy the coolness in the coming summer months, they will definitely benefit from the good health aspects of the frozen yoghurts and with a change in flavours and dog food this may be just the pick me up your dog has been waiting for.