Friday, October 31, 2008

Summer and your long haired pet

Summer is the time when you wan to be able to sit back and enjoy the weather, but of you have pest you know that summer is also the time that they moult! The shedding of fur keeps your pet cooler in the heat of the summer months but can be aggravating in a number of ways to pet owners – there are however a few ways to make fur shedding more bearable!

For one you can give your dog or cat regular baths as they start to shed their fur. This will help to wash out the already loose fur sending it down the drain rather than leaving it to be shed around the house. In between baths you can give your cat or dog a good brush down! Brushing your pet will have the same effect as bathing them and may be an easier option if your animal does not take too kindly to bathing!

Sometimes keeping your pet outdoors is not really an option so to keep fur off of your couches and carpets you could get your pet their own blanket or cushion to sleep on when inside. This cushion or blanket can then be thrown into the washing machine or vacuumed clean.

A great way to get rid of the fur on your clothes and furniture is to get hold of a sticky roller – these are available in most stores and with a few rolls over your clothing all the fur sticks to roller and your furniture and clothing will be absolutely fur free in minutes!