Wednesday, October 8, 2008

MediPet Insurance for pets

The idea of pet insurance started as a safety net for your pet’s health but Medipet insurance goes far beyond just being a safety net. Medipet insurance has established insurance packages that take care of your pet’s health, their safety and do so all while offering you animal support with financial security.

If your pet were ever in an accident or in need of medical help the last thing you want to be worrying about is your finances. Medipet insurance knows this and is designed and committed to ensuring that your pet will receive the best medical treatment. Medipet insurance offers you up to R25 000 cover per year per pet, and this cover is free to be used for procedures such as hip replacements, tumor removals and any other treatment of a prolonged illness.

Medipet insurance payments are made out within ten days of your claim and this prompt and secure service means that you will be never be left with veterinary bills that could pile up into thousands of Rands of debt and you will always be able to feel assured that your pet’s health is being securely cared for by you, a professional vet and Medipet insurance.