Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Basenji: breed profile

The Basenji, as the second most unintelligent dog, is famous for its unique bark, which is said to sound like a human cry or laugh. Basenjis tend to be very active and temperamental, though a lot of human contact as a puppy can help to offset this trait. Basenjis will often groom themselves for hours in a day and just stare out the window. On average, they live between fourteen and sixteen years. Basenji’s tend not to be very friendly with other pets and, because of the “least intelligent” moniker, they are not very trainable at least when it comes to advanced skills. This is not to say that Basenjis are completely un-trainable. Rather, they require a lot of more work from a dedicated owner, one who is prepared to patiently teach the dog whatever he needs to be taught. But if you want your dog to be able to do somersaults and back-flips, you should look elsewhere.