Thursday, May 14, 2009

Unexpected Visitors

Cats are great pets, no doubt. But what do you do when you get some unexpected visitors coming in at night? Something like this happened to me, recently. There was a cat from a few houses down the road who found my secret little window. I always keep this window open for my cat: it allows her access in and out of the house as and when she needs it. Unfortunately, this intruder cat was using this window to come in at night. Not only was he eating my cat’s supply of tasty biscuits, he insisted on leaving his mark by spraying on my carpet. Cat urine, especially from males, has a very pungent, ammonia-like odour. And day after day I’d wake to this awful smell in my house. I knew something had to be done it, but I’d have to catch this cat in the middle of his crime.