Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Good Nutrition for your pet

What role does good nutrition play in your pet’s overall health? Though they are cheaper, many of the foods that are found in grocery stores do not quite make the grade when it comes to adequately meeting your pet’s nutritional requirements. Specifically, grocery store pet food often contains a lot more fillers such as corn (often listed as maize) or corn gluten meal (which is just a cheap way of increasing the protein content of pet food) than the more expensive kind often available only at your veterinarian. Food purchased at your vet often contains higher amounts of quality, meat-derived protein such as chicken and beef. Also, it’s better to try and avoid animal by-products, which are those parts of the animal that are not intended to be eaten by humans. All in all, remember that better nutrition for your pet generally translates into less frequent visits to your vet for medical check-ups later on in life.