Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Traditionally, cats are always seen to lap up milk with eagerness and excitement. However, many cats are in fact lactose intolerant, and can get diarrhea if fed too much milk. Kittens need milk, of course, but that’s milk made by their mother, and not cow’s milk. A similar argument has been forward in favour humans, too. There is no other animal, it is argued, that naturally drinks milk past its infancy. This leads them to the conclusion that milk is not actually good for us in our adulthood. But humans, like cats, often find milk and milk-related products absolutely delicious. So, while it’s not wrong to give you cat some milk every now and then, it’s definitely not an essential component of their diet. Cats need a good quality food with lots of high-quality, meat-derived protein, and fresh water that is always available. Milk can be a treat, but don’t overdo it.