Thursday, May 28, 2009

Gentle Giants: the bulldog

The Bulldog is the third least intelligent dog. Bulldogs are considered one of the most gentle breeds of dogs around - very affectionate and excellent with children. The Bulldog, however, is a classic drooler. Its head is shorter than that of others dogs, and this shortens the passages of their salivary glands. When a Bulldog wants something, it drools very easily. Even though the Bulldog looks menacing, it is in fact a rather ineffective watchdog. It is quite friendly to strangers and other pets, and does not require much exercise. The average lifespan of a Bulldog is between eight and ten years. Genetically, Bulldogs run the risk of developing mitral valve defects, which can create a leakage of blood into the heart. This will cause the Bulldog to tire easily and even faint. Although there is no cure for this condition, it can be managed with a special diet and exercise restrictions.