Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cats or dogs?

Some people prefer cats, while others prefer dogs. This can often say a lot about the owner. Dogs are almost always friendly: they lap up attention, they love to play, and they’re always game for anything fun. Cats, however, are more selective in how much love they give out in any one instance. One of the things that can so frustrate cat owners is how inconsistent cats seem to be in their affections. One moment they’re your best friends, cuddling next to you, purring loudly, until you are utterly convinced that you are the person they love most in this world. The next moment, however, they act as if they hardly knew you at all, and you find yourself running after them wondering what you did wrong! Unlike dogs, cats don’t seek approval from their owners. They are more independent. As the well-known joke goes: a dog has an owner, but a cat has staff.