Thursday, October 8, 2009

Clicker Training?

Clicker training is a simple and effective method of training based on a positive reinforcement reward system. The clicker is a simple plastic box with a metal tongue. When compressed it emits a double 'click' sound. The clicker is used to reward a specific behaviour and works on most dogs’ willingness to want to please their owners and earn their prize. The positive aspect of the clicker is that it is specific to the behaviour your dog is displaying at the time that you want to reward. Praise such as "who’s a good boy!" is not as effective in teaching your dog what is going to get it its reward and so it will take longer for your dog to learn. As the click is sounded as the behaviour is happening, there can be no doubt about what the dog is being rewarded for. Clicker training uses your dog’s own natural desire to learn and obtain a reward without having to use any force or punishment. If your dog does not do what you are trying to train, it will not get a click reward and so will try harder to do what you want to gain recognition.