Friday, October 23, 2009

Dog vs. Cat

If you are introducing a new dog to a home that already has a cat, your cat will need time to gain confidence around the new arrival, even if you've picked a breed with a better reputation for getting on with cats. Cats will normally react to dogs by hissing or swatting with their paws, and will try to escape by running or hiding. They may also spray to mark 'their' territory. With time and patience feline-canine harmony should be achievable. Don’t leave the two unsupervised until you can completely trust them to behave in your absence. Kittens usually love dogs, whilst dogs find kittens unthreatening. Just like adults, they need to time to adapt to the new arrival. Introduce kittens gradually and never leave them alone together until a pattern of good relations has been established. Some adult dogs will carry kittens around and young kittens will accept this attention, but it's probably best to gently take your kitten away from the dog to avoid injury. Don't worry if they never really get along. Cats are naturally independent, so as long as each has their own space, things will work out.