Monday, October 12, 2009

How to wean your kitten

Kittens can usually be started on the weaning process at three weeks of age and should be fully weaned by 6-8 weeks of age. Canned food can be mashed up and mixed with water to form gruel. Smear the gruel around your kitten's lips to encourage your kitten to lick the food off his/her lips. Some kittens will take the food as a mash but make sure there are no big chunks in the food and water mixture. Dry food can also be soaked and used to make gruel. Feed small amounts to your kitten and as often as your kitten requires and as your kitten gets older start adding less water to the mixture. Many kittens will eat dry food without it being soaked by 10-12 weeks of age while most will manage a canned kitten food at 6-8 weeks. So the key is just to be patient with your kitten and make sure that they get enough food, frequently.