Monday, October 5, 2009

Love at First Sniff?

Pets seldom happily welcome the newborn baby in the house and it is often forgotten that your pets, too, need to be prepared for the new arrival. Preparation of the arrival of a baby should begin as soon as you know you’re pregnant: use a baby doll to determine how your pet may react to a real infant. While your pet’s watching, hold the doll in your arms and place it on the floor. If you don’t like your pet’s reaction you have to teach him/her how you like them to behave, by using the doll. You should consider that your pet’s general behaviour may need to change. Your pet won’t instinctively know to change its behaviour just because a baby is in the house. It is important to remember that your pet is not being naughty or stubborn but is just doing what it has always been allowed to do. So nip any behaviour you consider inappropriate around an infant, in the bud before your baby arrives. You need to teach your pet new rules; otherwise they are bound to make ‘mistakes’.