Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What to do when puppy needs to pee at night

When very young, puppies often need to eliminate every 3 to 4 hours. To prevent them from getting into the habit of eliminating in the house, you can use a puppy pen or indoor kennel. Indoor kennels can be useful in toilet training as they don’t like to go to the toilet in their bed and feeding areas. Don’t put your puppy in the kennel if it doesn’t like it, or as punishment or just to keep it out of the way of the comings and goings in the house. The kennel should be large enough for the puppy to stand up in, lie flat out in and turn around in. Put puppy’s bed, water bowl and toys in it. Encourage your puppy to go in there by giving it attention and treats while in there, your puppy will learn that this is a safe place to go whenever required. When puppy’s happy to go in there and sleep with the door open, start to shut the door for short periods until it is comfortable with this. Ensure that puppy is tired when in the kennel so that it will just want to sleep and is not full of beans!