Monday, October 26, 2009


There are a couple of methods to check whether your horse is dehydrated. So use these methods regularly so as to build up knowledge of your horse’s condition, and to make sure your horse gets enough fluids. The first method is to test the "capillary refill time" by parting the horse's lips to expose the gums. If you press gently and briefly on the upper jaw with your thumb you will see the blood is forced from the gum. Count how long it takes for the gum to return to its normal colour. If it is longer than 2 seconds your horse may be either dehydrated or might have a circulatory problem. Secondly, pinch the skin on your horse's neck just in front of the shoulders. If the skin does not return back to its normal position quickly, this may indicate dehydration. This is an easy test for you to do frequently to build up a picture of your horse’s relative hydration from day to day.