Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Animal know -how: your pet's collar and leash

Some animal help can be very valuable as choosing a collar and a leash for your dog or cat can sometimes prove to be a little trickier than one would think. Sometimes you can pick out a leash and collar and slip it right onto your pet and other times you have to fight to get them to wear it and a great battle of the wills can ensue – with the results very often being in favour of the animal’s will! With a little bit of animal help we can give you some good advice that can aid you in choosing the right collars and leashes for your specific pet.

Having a collar and a leash itself can provide great animal help – the security of knowing that your pet is ‘labelled’ as it were with your contact details and is securely fitted to a leash and won’t run off is some of the greatest animal help we as pet owners can ever have. But we must be able to choose a collar and a leash that is suited to our pet’s to be able to have the security of this animal help. If your pet is easy about their collar and leash then consider yourself blessed, certain dogs and cats refuse to wear them and provide no animal help themselves by scratching at the collar to try and get it off. If this is the case try out a few different types of collars – but most importantly make sure you have the right size fitted onto your pet!