Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dog Food

What we eat determines our health, our physical and mental growth and contributes greatly to our overall happiness and life span. The same goes for the effect of the food that our animals consume. Dog food regulations stipulate that all dog food should be manufactured according to certain standards. These standards, for dog food, set out to ensure that all dog food that is sold and marketed must be at a certain level of nutritional value that will be beneficial to our pets. This means that dog food that follows these legal regulations should not cause harm or have counter productive effects on our pets. But how do we as pet owners know which foods meet the requirements? And how do we make sure that the dog food we are feeding our dogs will beneficially contribute towards their health and general well being?

There are a few ways in which we can be sure of the standards of our dogs’ dog food. One, we can check that the dog food is certified either by a veterinary association or veterinary institute. This stamp of approval and vet assurance on particular dog food will mean that the dog food has been formulated, tested and is maintained at a standard that is proven to be good for your dog. Other ways is to get your own vet approval on your pet’s dog food. Speak to your vet and ask them about the dog food that is available on supermarket shelves and get expert advice on the best dog food for your little pooch.