Monday, August 11, 2008


Looking after new born puppies is an exciting and wonderful experience,
that while having its few challenges can bring vast amounts of joy to both
you and to your new puppy! If you have never had puppies running around in
your home before or if you have grown accustomed to your adult dogs then
getting used to the new puppies may take a little time, and knowing your
puppies and what they are all about can help in making them easier to
understand and much easier to live with when their infamous ‘puppies bouts
of mischief’ strike.

Despite how incredibly cute they are puppies are born blind, deaf and
toothless. During their first week of life puppies spend about 90% of
their time sleeping and about 10% of the time eating. After the first week
puppies will start to become more curious about their surroundings and
between their adventuring and playing puppies will tend to sleep around 14
hours a day.

As your puppies grow they will teeth, play a lot and with your guidance
they will learn all they need to know about being a dog. Puppies are
considered to be adult dogs when they reach the age on one year. At one
year puppies are at the physical maturity of a 15 year old human being.