Friday, August 1, 2008

Cat Brushing Solution! The Cat Comb

Yesterday we spoke about how you can ease your kitty into a brushing routine, but what happens when he absolutely hates to sit still? This great Cat Comb device is just the solution!

This device is a wall mounted corner plastic comb that features plastic brush bristles. It is soft enough to give kitty a safe brushing yet tough enough to remove all of the stray hairs that usually end up around your couch or bed. Watch as your cat rubs himself along the bristled edges all day and has a great grooming time!

The particular device featured above is called a 'Cat-a-Comb' and also includes two plastic holders for Catnip to attract kitty and make grooming a fun occasion. The Cat Comb is a great way to make grooming more enjoyable for your cat, and is light on your pocket too. There are a number of different manufacturers who produce this wall mounted comb so pop down to your local pet shop or vet to get one that fits your budget. You could also choose to make your own cat comb in your home for your kitty's favourite corner. Here's a quick check list if you intend to make one:
- buy two inexpensive, soft pet brushes. You will want to remove the handle and plastic backing.
- stick the bristle part to a flat piece of plastic or hard cardboard. You can get plastic chopping boards quite inexpensively from a store which can then be cut down to size with a pair of safety scissors.
- punch holes into the lid of a very small plastic container. Put catnip in the container, and attach the back of the container underneath the bristles with double sided tape. (the lid should be facing up so that you can add more catnip in whenever you want to)
- Make sure that everything is securely in place and that the bristles will not come off the backing should your cat push hard on them.
- affix the plastic or cardboard backing to the wall neatly and securely. It is a great idea to make a double corner device like the one in the picture because your kitty will love rubbing up and down his favourite wall end!